The US Judge Trump Administration prohibits the assault bans

Federal refugees have refused to request immigration from Monday's Trump Administration.
US District Judge Judge John S. Todd decided to intervene after hearing the dispute in San Francisco. President Donald Trump, President Donald Thompson, called for the banning of the US-Mexico border to ban the United States Civil Liberties Union and the Center for the Protection of Constitutional Rights.
Trump is not eligible to escape on the southern frontier on Nov. 9. In the absence of a judicial decree, the remaining three-year arrangements may be more difficult to avoid deportation to the United States.
"People have the right to seek asylum between the border," said Baher Azmy, a lawyer to protect constitutional rights. "It's unclear."
In recent years, tens of thousands of immigrants have been deported to the Arizona Desert or the Rio Grand Island of Texas, immigrants and asylum seekers. The Internal Security Department estimates that 70,000 people will be required to issue an asylum procedure between the official and the official ports per year.
The latest approaches threaten national security, Trump said.
The first cafe in Mexico, near the San Diego boundary, has reached 3000 people. The US Customs and Frontier Security Department closed the north movement for several hours on the San Ysidro exit on Monday. It has mounted moving and smokeless brackets which has led to the public's attention.
As of Monday, Trump's order was enacted and 107 people were requested. Customs and Border Protection Department was announced to the DHS. It was not officially announced during the forced evictions.
The SGSPA wants to place asylum seekers on the southern border at the border point. However, many cross-border routes, such as the San Isidro, have already been approved. People usually wait for two weeks in Mexico or summer cottages.
ACLU's lawyer Li Geller said that some people would like to request a formal asylum application.
"We do not allow people to intervene between the border points, but they have the right to seek asylum," he said.
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