Brexit fears do not refuse EasyJet orders

Falling Brexit can not be accessed by Summer Passengers from EasyJet.
The order was "promising" and this year it has grown slightly in the summer and has become the first half of 2019.
Profit before tax rose 41 percent to £ 578 million.
Executive Director Johan Lundgren, "Over the past two years," air transportation "has considered all possible alternatives.
He did not want to continue his flight in April.
The company has established EasyJet Europe, located in Vienna, and allows EasyJet to continue its operations regardless of the European Union and Brazilian consequences.
EasyJet's profit was 40 mL in Tegel Airport in Berlin, but it cost £ 65m in Berlin's Air Berlin.
Last year, 88.5 million passengers were transported 10.2 percent over the past year, with revenue rising 16.8 percent to 5.9 billion pounds.
EasyJet plans to increase its capacity during the 2019 fiscal year.
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The company said that in the first half of last fiscal year, revenue from passenger carriers could be reduced by Easter.
Mr Lundgren said FlyBe was not interested in finding a buyer.
The investor must be cautious
Easyjet fell 3.7 percent to 11.29 pounds. This was less than the June 18 th of June, which is the biggest drop in FTSE 100.
Liberal experts sold $ 12.50 at 12.50 pounds. Warning: "EasyJet's short-term uncertainty may be much worse than two years ago, which may be due to the effects of the inflammation and the risks that reduce fuel prices will reduce the last few declines or declines."
According to Bernankhar analyst Daniel Rakka, "EasyJet's perspective is still a problem by 2019," according to gasoline and other costs. 
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