The Marshall joystick button is a great way to control wireless headphones.

  • 28.10.2018, 13:31,
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In this case, it is the digital age. In the case of physical and tactile level.

There are many solutions for managing your phone. There are several ways to get to know your music. microphone. Apple once attempted to do this with the iPod Shuffle.
But you no longer have wires? If you do not see them (see, for example, ringtones, buttons or dials on the Arena Kit). You can add touch controls, quit and random taps. (It was a good idea. "It was a good idea."
This is a fun way to make music.

You can press a button or phone; tilt it up to raise the volume; tilt it down to lower it; click forward and you will go to the next track; and click on the previous track. It is intuitive, simple and basically reliable. If you are looking at your phone.
More importantly, Marshall does an excellent job with this. Solid brass is durable and lightweight. Clicking or tilting results in a great, satisfactory click each time. There are no random gestures; You will learn how to push the Marshall joystick.

Managing wireless headphones can be more problematic since our headphones get wireless headphones. If you are an old school marshal, this is a good reminder that the amateur does not always mean better

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