This is how you can keep the romance alive even after the HONEYMOON is over!

All newly-wed couples wait eagerly for the honeymoon. Sadly, it doesn’t last long. For many, it means a quick trip to some exotic location where they create sweet and romantic moments that last a lifetime. Once the honeymoon is over, they are forced to return to their daily humdrum life. While they bury themselves in office or household work, the romance that ignited their life seems to take a back seat. Would not it be great if there was a way to keep the romantic spark alive even after the honeymoon is over? Here's what you need to do...

A couple discovers their likes and dislikes, be it physical or emotional, during a honeymoon and it becomes a memorable affair because of the element of surprise. The anticipation of discovering something new about a partner can be very intoxicating. Trust us, you do not need to rely on just your honeymoon to surprise your partner. Try planning a surprise for your other half every now and then. Tip: When your partner returns home, leave hints in small pieces of paper about what you want him or her to do that night. Don’t forget to hide these in easily-accessible places.

Now this is an interesting concept. Sometimes we tend to take the other person for granted and start losing interest in him or her. This is when you can play an interesting game of ‘role reversal’. If your other half does the household chores, try doing that for a week and let your partner step into your shoes. This exercise will help you regain your interest in your partner as you will start discovering new things about him or her that you might have missed so far. With a renewed respect and interest, the romance too will be reignited. 


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