What is the alliance of persecution for the rest of Silicon Valley?

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In a sense, the Tesla union question is existential: is Tesla a technology company or a car company? Automobile companies, as a rule, have strong trade unions, but technical companies do not.

Musk rules Tesla as a technology company. Tesla has made an advanced car design and workflow. There are unexpected twists and turns and a lot of investment, despite the lack of profit. It's hacked. But they are still cars: they are on the roads, you drive them, and in most states you are legally forced to buy auto insurance for them.

Trade unions do exist in technology, although the majority of contractors are, for example, the drivers of the shuttles serving the company's technicians. But Silicon Valley, the technical epicenter, exists in part because of opposition to trade unions, reports Alex Press. California returned from the boom after World War II.

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Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel, shamefully said: "This is not the union of all companies." Table for ping-pong companies and free beer

If you say this, you should not be anywhere:

Steve Jobs once called teachers' unions as "problems” with modern schools. Mark Andreessen: "I see it more." And parallel futurism with a libertarian is the tragedy of the anti-regulatory sympathies of some prominent technologists.

As for the underground world of the space industry, then in billions of them, Jeff Bezos. Bezos and Musk have another thing in common: they operate two technical companies with large unskilled labor in the USA.

Automobile companies have been union companies since computers were still women. UAW, formed in 1935, is older than Silicon Valley. GM was a trade union since 1937; Ford, since 1941. Among the costs paid to employees and pensioners. But since 1979, the power of the UAW. This was the answer to the question: Tesla is an automotive company.

Perhaps predictably, Elon Musk was not in it.
Moran wrote at his post, he said: "This is a long time." For this reason, he urged unions of trade unions, but said that the privacy policy. Musk says by e-mail that the UAW "does not share our mission". "True dedication to the union is a giant automobile company, where the money they take from employees in the form of fees is much more than they could make from Tesla.”
In short, Tesla is dedicated to the destruction of trade union law. (Tesla's lawyer Mark Ross was suspended from his job as a smear campaign with UAW.)
Since this is Tesla, some pieces of evidence ... Muska tweets. "Why pay union dues and refuse stock options?” He tweeted in May. The UAW complained to the NLRB every other day. According to the National Labor Relations Committee, which violates labor laws; Tesla claims that these tweets were taken out of context. The pop star Grimes, Musk's (ex?) Girlfriend, also tweeted and then deleted - "literally tried to provoke a union vote,” so you can't get enough signatures. the last failure. "
The test began in June, where it ran a few days before the break. This is due to a complaint from the NLRB of August 2017 that Tesla was unlawfully broken into unions. In June, NLRB lawyers said that one worker was fired and another received a written warning because of their unio.
Source: Theverge.com

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