Premier League 'should lower ticket prices' says Kompany

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, who has recently completed an MBA, has told Wake Up to Money that Premier League clubs could improve their fortunes by cutting ticket prices.
That would create a better atmosphere and make it even more likely that they would win at home.
"The reason why the competitive advantage exists is because it's a TV product. The value in a TV product exists in the fact that you've got people in the stadium who are loud and make a lot of noise and atmosphere, and that as well has a benefit to home advantage.
"Therefore, my suggestion would be actually to say OK, use that competitive advantage to lower the price for the fans...
"We know that the Premier League can still grow a lot, because there's so many markets - India, China - all these big markets who are still untapped at the moment. But the question is, at what point do you reach breaking point where you've squeezed so much out of your people at home, and almost creating this situation where if you fall, you fall really hard."

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